About us

Bob Edwards

A one-stop service for UK business owners and taxpayers.

The Swan Partnership is a well-connected, small practice – if we can’t provide the advice you need we can likely recommend an advisor in your area who can.

Our principal, Bob Edwards, is a Certified Accountant with many years’ experience. He also advises the advisors, providing support on practice development issues. He keeps up-to-date on tax issues by writing blog copy for interested businesses and edits tax newsletters for a national tax copy provider.

It is Bob’s contention that most people, whether they own a business or not, can benefit from appropriate professional advice. It is after all, what you don’t know that you don’t know that catches you out?
Your first contact with Swan is complimentary, you won’t need to reach for your cheque book. All fees are fixed before any work is done.

Can't find what you need?

If we cannot provide what you need we will likely know someone who can. Call Bob Edwards now on his mobile, 07879 896073, there is no charge for this initial conversation…